Your ServiceNow App Factory at The Now Forum London 2018

The Now Forum London was the main event of ServiceNow’s European Autumn Event Campaign.

We would like to thank everyone who came by SPOC’s stand to say hello. Due to you, it was an excellent day where each member of the team had many engaging conversations.

Furthermore, what was very interesting was finding out how many organisations are using ServiceNow in different ways.

Not Something New

It’s certainly been stated a lot over recent years that the platform isn’t limited to IT Service Management. Far from it! That’s evident by listening to the many organisations using it for different purposes already.

A Good Prediction (Phew)

When preparing for the NowForum, the SPOC team decided to focus on one feature of our work – Application Development.

There was a small concern that people wouldn’t be interested in this aspect and would be more focused on the Out of the Box processes such as ITSM, ITOM, ITBM etc..

Of course, these are fantastic offerings available from ServiceNow, similarly, there are many other ways of extracting value from the platform.

Although there was an element of doubt, we committed – fully! The entire stand, team and preparation were focused on the ‘ServiceNow Application Factory’. This included artwork, clothing, materials for the event etc..

SPOC at Now Forum London 2018
SPOC representatives with Mila Gorgieva, Sr. Solution Consultant at ServiceNow

Why the Factory?

This concept relates to the different work we provide our clients in a variety of areas. The finished product and even the inputs (or raw materials) to the project differ. In contrast, the way we deliver the projects and applications stays fairly consistent.

At the event, we shared this approach and delivery model in poster form (While the copies lasted). Therefore, if you would like to see the development process we use, you can get a copy of  8 Steps To Successful Project Delivery here. 

The process is tried and tested and has been improved through numerous implementations. One series of implementations was referenced at the Conference during the speech of  Andrew Wayland, CIO of Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS)


Is a leading Global Outsource company, specialising in Recruitment and HR processes. They have been using the Now Platform as the core system for a number of development and automation projects in the areas of – Interview Scheduling, Offer Creation, Onboarding and Productivity Management.

If you would like to view the Project Case Studies for these projects, please request them here.

What’s your Raw Material?

If you’ve been considering using the Now Platform for a custom application, we’d love to hear about your ideas. If you need some professional assistance, perhaps we could help align your ideas on ServiceNow.

We can’t wait to continue the conversations started last Thursday. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by.

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